How do I get my race license?

Read this section of the NASA CCR about licensing.

In order to be considered for a license, you will need to have participated in a NASA HPDE 4 open passing group or bring documented proof that you are qualified to drive in an open passing environment. If you are not already a regular NASA participant and can’t provide proof of experience, you will be required to start the process in the HPDE environment to verify your experience level. If you are not able to prove your skill level, you will have to spend some time in the HPDE program working up to the required level.

Once you have achieved or proven the required skill level, you will find that each region has slightly different programs for their competition schools. All NASA regions have an in-house competition licensing programs that prepare new drivers to join our competitive racing series.


Provisional license holder information

Once a driver has been issued a Provisional License, he/she will only be allowed to compete in those events hosted by the Region of issuance (special exceptions may be granted upon request). Each time a Provisional License holder completes a race without incident, he/she must obtain the signature of the Race Director, or the Race Director’s appointee.

Once four races have been signed off, the Provisional License is complete, and may be submitted to the NASA National Office to obtain a National Competition License. The provisional book must be filled out and turned in to the Race Director at the beginning of an event and collected at the end of the event.

Note- NASA Provisional License holders are defined as “Rookies” (according to the CCR) and will remain so until they have finished eight races without significant incident, even thought the provisional book is completed after four races without incident. Rookie drivers must comply with the requirements in section 13.2 of the CCR.

Further instructions are on the forms and you can call the National Office at 510-232-6272 with any questions you may have.


Current or expired license from a different organization?

Go to and obtain a membership, then fax the following information:

  1. Completed Provisional License Application
  2. A copy of your state driver’s license
  3. A copy of your racing license
  4. A copy of a Medical Form (from other orgs, ok)
  5. A coversheet with a credit card number with expiration date

Check the medical expiration date on your last license. If expired, fax a copy of a new medical, along with a coversheet containing a credit card number and expiration date to Fax # 510-277-0657.

If not expired, use this link: